Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?

Zombie House Flipping was a popular home renovation reality TV show that aired on A&E from 2016-2018. The show followed builder Keith Ori and realtor Peter Duke as they breathed new life into a rundown, abandoned “zombie” homes in the Tampa Bay area.

One of the more memorable cast members on Zombie House Flipping was Marley, Keith’s lovable bulldog who frequently accompanied him to job sites. With his wrinkly face, stocky build, and laidback demeanor, Marley quickly became a fan-favorite character on the show.

So is Marley from Zombie House Flipping still alive today, years after the show ended? Let’s take a look at what we know about Keith Ori’s beloved four-legged companion. Locating a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid 2024

Who Was Marley on Zombie House Flipping?

Marley was an English bulldog owned by Keith Ori, the builder and house flipper at the center of Zombie House Flipping.

Known for his easygoing personality and ability to get along with everyone, Marley often joined Keith on the job site as he worked on renovating run-down homes. The pup was a friendly mascot on the builds, providing moral support and companionship to Keith and the crew.

In a breed known for being calm and docile, Marley embodied all of the best qualities of a bulldog. He was mellow, gentle, and completely unbothered by the hustle and bustle of home remodels. Marley could often be found casually roaming around and exploring the job site or lounging in the shade while the renovation work took place around him.

Beyond his cameos on Zombie House Flipping, Marley was beloved as Keith’s faithful companion at home. He was frequently by Keith’s side when he was building furniture for flips or scoping out new zombie homes to take on.

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?
Is Marley the Bulldog Still Alive Today?

Is Marley the Bulldog Still Alive Today?

The loveable Marley the bulldog died in September 2020 at the age of 11 after battling health issues.

Keith Ori announced the sad news of Marley’s passing in an emotional social media post, writing:

“It is with deepest sorrow I share the news that Marley passed away early this morning. He was 11 years old. Marley spent every day of his life bringing joy to those around him. I miss him dearly already but find comfort knowing he’s no longer suffering from the health issues he’s had these last couple of years.”

Marley had been struggling with undisclosed health problems in the final years of his life. But Keith’s message indicates he lived a long, happy 11 years before his death last fall.

The post was met with an outpouring of sympathy and fond memories of Marley from Zombie House Flipping fans. Many offered their condolences to Keith and shared how much they enjoyed watching Marley on the show.

Looking Back at Marley on Zombie House Flipping

While he may no longer be with us, Marley certainly left his mark on Zombie House Flipping and Keith’s home-flipping business. He was a constant comforting presence by Keith’s side through dozens of zombie home renovations.

Some of Marley’s most memorable Zombie House Flipping moments include:

  • Keeping Keith Company: Marley was regularly shown hanging out with Keith on job sites, whether he was demolishing walls, building furniture, or putting the finishing touches on a flipped home. The bulldog was usually close by, following Keith from room to room.
  • Inspecting Properties: When scoping out new zombie homes to take on, Marley sometimes came along to check out the house. He could be seen wandering through decrepit properties with Keith and Peter Duke, seemingly unfazed by any condition.
  • Greeting Subcontractors: Marley was good about welcoming any new faces who joined the renovation crew. He often approached new subcontractors looking for attention and made them feel at home right away.
  • Appearances in Marketing: As the docile face of the brand, Marley also popped up in promotional materials and listings for flipped homes. His likable mug helped humanize Keith’s business and connect with prospective homebuyers.
  • Cameos On-Site: The camera crews made sure to get shots of Marley lumbering around and exploring each job site, capturing his natural curiosity on film. Those moments offered fun B-roll and comedic relief between renovation scenes.
  • Morale Boosts: By all accounts, Marley lifted spirits and motivated everyone to work on the zombie home flips. His infectious energy and happy-go-lucky attitude were a perfect fit for the show and renovation crew.

Fan Reactions to Marley’s Death

When the news broke in 2020 that Marley had passed away, Zombie House Flipping fans were quick to express their sadness and pay tribute on social media:

  • “So heartbroken to hear about Marley. He was the best boy and such a bright spot on the show.”
  • “RIP to the best boy Marley. My favorite part of Zombie House Flipping was seeing him amble around job sites.”
  • “Such a bummer, he was the perfect mascot for the show. Seemed like such a sweet soul.”
  • “Marley looked like the chillest dog ever. Glad he had a long happy life with Keith doing what he loved!”
  • “Gonna miss seeing Marley’s adorable mug. Sending love to you and your family Keith!”

It was clear Marley had made an impression and won the hearts of Zombie House Flipping viewers, even beyond his partnership with Keith. Fans everywhere felt the loss of the hardworking, fun-loving bulldog who added so much heart and levity to the show.

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?
Is Keith Ori Getting a New Dog? Marley’s Legacy on Zombie House Flipping

Is Keith Ori Getting a New Dog?

Losing Marley was undoubtedly a big adjustment for Keith Ori after working with him for over a decade. While Keith understandably took time to grieve Marley’s passing, some fans wondered if he would eventually get a new canine companion.

In recent months, Keith has occasionally posted about foster dogs he has temporarily taken in. But there have been no indications of him permanently adopting a new doggo sidekick just yet.

He seems to be enjoying bonding with different foster pups and giving them a comfortable home while they await adoption. Fostering allows Keith to still have dogs around while honoring Marley’s memory and not rushing into anything with a permanent new pet.

Maybe when the right dog comes along, Keith will add a new four-legged team member to his home-flipping crew. For now, he is likely still finding comfort in all the great years he shared with Marley on Zombie House Flipping. Mastering the Search for the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2

Marley’s Legacy on Zombie House Flipping

Though he is no longer with us, Marley left a lasting paw print (and countless drool stains!) on Zombie House Flipping during his tenure on the show. He was more than just a pet—he was Keith Ori’s trusted colleague and an indispensable part of the renovation crew.

Marley showed up to work each day, disturbing nothing while providing companionship and support. He exemplified disciplines like loyalty, patience, and reliability that are valuable on any job site.

The easygoing English bulldog complimented Keith’s energetic personality perfectly. He balanced out the hectic flip lifestyle and created entertaining moments that resonated with viewers. Marley’s legacy lives on through reruns and fond memories from everyone involved with Zombie House Flipping.

While Keith and the crew now soldier on without their furred co-worker, a part of Marley will always be infused in their renovation business. His friendly spirit continues to inspire Keith to restore and revive homes that have seemingly been left for dead, just like Marley himself did for so many years, one house at a time.

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping Still Alive 2024?

Here are some common questions viewers have about Marley from Zombie House Flipping:

How old was Marley when he died?

According to Keith Ori’s social media posts, Marley was 11 years old when he passed away in September 2020. Most sources suggest the average lifespan of an English bulldog is 8-10 years, so Marley lived a full life.

What health issues did Marley have?

The exact medical conditions that Marley battled in his final years have not been publicly disclosed. In his memorial post, Keith only vaguely referenced “health issues” that Marley dealt with over his last two years.

How did Keith Ori react to Marley’s death?

Judging by Keith’s emotional public statement after Marley’s passing, it’s clear he was extremely upset and heartbroken. He described Marley as always bringing joy to those around him and said he missed him “dearly already.”

Does Keith still flip houses without Marley?

Yes, Keith Ori has continued his home-flipping business following Marley’s death. He still renovates rundown properties in the Tampa area, though without his canine sidekick by his side any longer.

Has Keith adopted any new dogs since losing Marley?

As of now, Keith has not permanently adopted a new dog to take Marley’s place. But he has taken in foster dogs periodically to help give them a comfortable home while they await adoption.

What was special about Marley’s relationship with Keith?

Marley and Keith had an especially close bond after over a decade together. Marley was Keith’s loyal companion at home and “colleague” on job sites. They both shared an easygoing vibe that made Marley a perfect fit for the show.

Marley may be gone, but he won’t soon be forgotten. The lovable English bulldog made Zombie House Flipping that much more entertaining through his hilarious antics, silly expressions, and all-around chill demeanor. We miss you, Marley!


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