Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2

Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2

Hello, Neighbor is a delightfully creepy stealth horror game where you sneak into your neighbor’s house to uncover his secrets. A key tool needed to make progress is the crowbar, which can open locked doors and windows. In Act 2, the crowbar is well-hidden but essential for breaking into the basement.

This guide will walk through exactly how to find the elusive crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2.

Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2
Why the Crowbar is Critical in Act 2 and The Tricky Crowbar Location in Act 2

Why the Crowbar is Critical in Act 2

Before diving into the specific crowbar location, it helps to understand why it’s so important to find it in Act 2:

  • Open the locked basement door – this is your primary objective in Act 2.
  • Grants access to off-limit areas of the house blocked by chained gates.
  • Quickly breaks open locked windows to sneak inside.
  • Pries open nailed wooden planks blocking passages.
  • Unlocks the gate mechanism to explore the backyards.
  • Enables grabbing items through holes in walls.
  • Defends against the neighbor if needed.

Without the crowbar, exploring the house to find clues about your neighbor’s motives is extremely limited. Act 2 makes the crowbar vital for progression.

The Tricky Crowbar Location in Act 2

Unlike the first act where it’s visible in the garage, the crowbar in Act 2 is cleverly hidden:

  • It’s located deep in the locked basement, which presents a catch-22 since you need it to open the basement in the first place!
  • You’ll first need to locate the basement key to gain initial access.
  • After heading downstairs, turn right toward the barred door.
  • Squeeze into the exposed vent on the left wall nearby.
  • Follow the vent path forward to the crowbar lying in the corner.
  • Grab the crowbar, then exit the vent back downstairs.
  • Use the crowbar to unlock the barred basement door and continue exploring.

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As you can see, the crowbar is craftily concealed away requiring puzzle-solving to obtain. But it’s worth the effort!

Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2
How to Find the Basement Key

How to Find the Basement Key

Before nabbing the crowbar, you need to get the old key to open the basement door. Here are tips to find it:

  • Check the kitchen counters and shelves methodically.
  • Search the drawers in the red cupboard downstairs.
  • Investigate the fireplace mantel in the living room thoroughly.
  • Peer behind painting canvases leaning on walls.
  • Rifles shelves in the yellow storage room upstairs.
  • Study the geometric object collection on the second floor.
  • Examine surfaces in the locked study room.
  • Comb through the neighbor’s bedroom including drawers.
  • Inspect the workbench area in the garage.
  • Look at the patio furniture in the backyard.
  • Scan the fence posts and planters outside.
  • Sprint away and re-enter the house to reshuffle item locations.

With persistence and a room-by-room search, the old basement key should reveal itself. Now for the real prize!

Recommended Approach to Reach the Hidden Crowbar

Based on the crowbar’s out-of-the-way placement, navigating to it requires finesse:

  • Grab the basement key as outlined above.
  • Unlock and head down the basement stairs quickly before the neighbor notices.
  • Hug the right wall toward the barred door in the rear corner.
  • Look for the exposed air vent on the left and interact to crawl inside.
  • Quietly squeeze through the claustrophobic vent passage ahead.
  • Mind the dead ends requiring turning around.
  • Keep moving forward until reaching the vent end with the crowbar.
  • Pick up the crowbar into your inventory.
  • Retrace your path back out of the vent.
  • Use the crowbar to unlock the barred basement door.

With stealthy, efficient movements, you can snag that coveted crowbar successfully!

Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2
What to Do Once You Have the Crowbar

What to Do Once You Have the Crowbar

The real fun begins once the crowbar is finally in your inventory. Here’s what you can start doing:

  • Unlock the barred basement door to explore.
  • Slip through newly opened basement windows when outside.
  • Wedge open chained gates blocking house passages.
  • Break wooden planks sealing up doorways and closets.
  • Unlock the backyard gate to access the tool shed.
  • Open the locked study room housing clues.
  • Pry open the elevator doors.
  • Lever open boarded-up fireplaces hiding secrets.
  • Open locked chests and cabinets.
  • Uncover vents, caches, and hidden objects.
  • Defend yourself from the neighbor when required.

The crowbar is your ticket to unraveling the twisted mysteries of the neighbor’s house. Use it wisely!

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Slip-Ups to Avoid While Seeking the Crowbar

While seeking that critical crowbar, avoid these potential pitfalls:

  • Accidentally alerting the neighbor to your break-in.
  • Entering the basement prematurely without the key.
  • Getting lost while squeezing through the vent system.
  • Making noise while crawling through the vents.
  • Not hugging walls and corners to stay hidden.
  • Misplacing the crowbar after obtaining it.
  • Damaging the crowbar during confrontations with the neighbor.

Stay focused, quiet, and stealthy throughout the pursuit of successfully adding this indispensable tool to your inventory!


Locating the Elusive Crowbar in Hello Neighbor Act 2

Finding the well-concealed crowbar is essential for making progress in the unsettling world of Hello Neighbor. Carefully searching room to room is key to uncovering both the basement key and the hidden vent passage leading to the crowbar itself. Once acquired, it enables unfettered exploration of locked areas to piece together the creepy mysteries of the neighbor’s home. Just stay alert and stealthy throughout! The cryptic clues lurking within await you.

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